PARIS 28 -30 January, Masterclass


Nancy Bishop, CSA Emmy- Award Nominated Casting Director and author of Auditioning for Film and TV, will be joined by leading French casting director Nathalie Cheron to offer a special two and a half day MASTER CLASS and INTERNATIONAL MARKETING SEMINAR for actors who wish to position themselves for international work. Stay on top of your audition technique with this two-pronged class. Learn valuable skills for self-taping your own auditions, as well as improving your studio on-camera training. All participants will receive a free copy of “Auditioning for Film and TV.

Thursday 28 January: 19:00 – 21:00: INTERNATIONAL MARKETING SEMINAR
Special Seminar sponsored by Spotlight, Europe’s premier actor database and CCcom, France’s leading actors database. Join Nancy as she launches her new book, “Auditioning for Film and TV” (Bloomsbury).
The seminar will focus on strategies for actors to promote themselves and procure work in the
international market. Topics will include how to best take advantage of the internet for marketing, maximize social media, organize a professional CV, choose a winning headshot, produce an effective show reel, and record auditions to send to production.

Friday 29 January: 10:00 – 16:00. Class day One
Actors are increasingly asked to tape their own auditions and send them digitally to casting directors.
Actors who master the skills of self-audition have a crucial advantage in booking the role. Actors will be assigned material in advance, prepare a self-taped audition and post it to a drop box. On the day, Nancy will give a critique of the material. Students may also bring head shots, and promotional material for review. Nancy will also assign scenes for a mock casting on the following day. Special Guest Nathalie Cheron will help give actors feedback on their promo material and answer questions in a Q+A.

Saturday 30th January: 10:00- 16:00
Targeted exercises will hone on-camera work. Actors will rehearse and record their assigned scenes,
followed by view and review. Get professional advice from a casting director who is actively
working in the field. Nancy’s book “Auditioning for Film and TV” (Bloomsbury) will be free to all members of the class.

Nancy Bishop, has cast nearly one hundred American and British projects. Based in Prague and London, she has cast for major feature films including and Mission Impossible IV, Roman Polanski’s Oliver Twist, Prince Caspian, Bourne Identity, and she recently finished the European casting on Michael Apted’s film Unlocked starring Michael Douglas and Orlando Bloom. She has been teaching film acting workshops throughout Europe, the UK, and the US for many years. In addition, Nancy founded the Acting for Film Department at the Prague Film School. She is a member of CSA, BAFTA, ICDN and the Emmy Academy.

NATHALIE CHERON: is casting for French and European productions and already worked with some of Europe’s most respected directors. Her credit list includes Lucy and The Family by Luc Besson, Les Garçons et Guillaume, à table! by Guillaume Gallienne, Mr Morgan’s Last Love by Sandra Nettelbeck, Sa Majesté Minor by Jean-Jacques Annaud, Paris, Je t’aime by 20 directors and The Bourne Identity by Doug Liman. Nathalie Cheron is member of the International Casting Directors’ Network (ICDN) and of the Association des Responsables de Distribution Artistique (ARDA).

About Auditioning for Film and TV: This book is the updated and revised version of “Secrets from the
Casting Couch.” A great read, endorsed by Donald Sutherland, Auditioning for Film and TV is a bible of
knowledge for jobbing actors. Learn crucial strategies for marketing, auditioning, and using internet
technology to forward your career. Books will be on sale for 500kc and Nancy is happy to sign copies.
About Spotlight: is a community of more than 60,000 professional performers from around the world that
is used by over 1,000 casting professionals, producers & agencies. Spotlight sends out 1,000 project
briefs/month and facilitates 100,000 searches for performers monthly, offering hundreds of roles in television,
film, theatre & advertising in Europe and around the world.

WHEN: 28-30 January, 2016
TIMES: 19:00 on 28 January, 10:00 – 16:00 on 29-30 Jan,
TO REGISTER: contact Eirin Forsberg: