Dublin- Bow Street Studios

Monday evening 30th November, 19:00, Monday

Join Nancy as she launches her new book, “Auditioning for Film and TV” (Bloomsbury) for a lecture sponsored by Spotlight, Europe’s premier actor database. Lecture will be followed by book signing and party. Seminar for actors will focus on strategies for actors to promote themselves and procure work in the international market. Topics will include how to best take advantage of the internet for marketing, organize a professional CV, choose a winning headshot, produce an effective show reel record auditions to send to production, and use social media.


Bow Street – Academy for Screen Acting

12-13 Bow Street, Dublin 7

To Register: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/auditioning-for-film-and-tv-with-nancy-bishop-tickets-19269753351

Ph: +353 1 531 0929
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