sponsored by Spotlight
Nancy Bishop, CSA Casting Director and author of Auditioning for Film and TV, offers a special INTERNATIONAL MARKETING SEMINAR for actors who wish to position themselves to procure international work.
June 3rd 19pm – 21pm (Free admission)
Join Nancy Bishop as she launches her new book, “Auditioning for Film and TV” (Bloomsbury) for a free lecture in English sponsored by Spotlight, Europe’s premier actor database. Lecture will be followed by book signing.

Seminar (in English) for actors will focus on strategies for actors to promote themselves and procure work in the international market. Topics will include how to best take advantage of the internet for marketing, organize a professional CV, choose a winning headshot, produce an effective show reel, record auditions to send to production, and use social media.

Seminar guests will also have an opportunity to get a special limited offer discount to join Spotlight.

About Spotlight: is a community of more than
60,000 professional performers 
from around the world that is
used by over 1,000 casting professionals, producers & agencies. Spotlight sends out 1,000 project briefs/month and facilitates 100,000 searches for performers monthly, offering hundreds of roles in television, film, theatre & advertising in Europe and around the world.

JUNE 4-5, 10:00 – 16:00
Actors are increasingly asked to tape their own auditions and send them digitally to casting directors, and those ones who master the skills of self-audition have a crucial advantage in booking the role. Actors will be assigned material in advance, prepare a self-taped audition and post it to a drop box. On the day, Nancy will give a critique of the material. Students may also bring head shots, and promotional material for review. Nancy will also assign scenes for a mock casting on the second day.

The Nancy Bishop Masterclass fills up very quickly. Don’t wait to apply, as there are only 16 spots. Should you require further information please email us: